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I'm Jaylynn and I'm like SOO stoked about college :) Class of 2015!!

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Being able to use and understand sarcasm is a sign of social competence.

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Some people will never “get you.” Do not spend eternity asking why. People will see you differently, just cherish those who lift your soul.


any salad can be a caesar salad if you stab it enough

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government:*aggressively ruins everything*

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‘What do you have in mind after you graduate?’
What I always thought I had in mind was getting some big scholarship to graduate school or a grant to study all over Europe, and then I thought I’d be a professor and write books of poems or write books of poems and be an editor of some sort. Usually I had these plans on the tip of my tongue.
‘I don’t really know,’ I heard myself say. I felt a deep shock, hearing myself say that, because the minute I said it, I knew it was true.


favourite people person: mindy kaling

Mindy is exceptionally smart, but is not afraid to talk about nail polish. And yet her love of nail polish does not take away from her smartness. In a perfect world, she would take my SATs for me, and then we would go to the mall together. 

Steve Carrell on Mindy Kaling

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my best friend just realized 30 minutes before her curfew that she’s an hour away from home in the most dangerous part of the city alone with the buses no longer running so she calls the police to take her home i cant stop laughing

update the cop that came to pick her up is a hot 20 year old guy thats flirting with her and now im not laughing anymore


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I’m tired of going to school and expected to memorize the material. Who in the world just wants to memorize information when they could experience it.

We’re told that the key to a good job is a good education, right? But the best kind of education is the one where you’re not sitting at a desk…